Most Vulnerable Countries to Climate Change

Most Vulnerable Countries to Climate Change

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Climate change has always been a problem for most countries. Weather can change in a matter of minutes and can bring forth ecological problems that can destroy an entire city leaving behind dead bodies and destroyed infrastructure. Most countries have made programs to protect themselves from the harsh climate conditions but these top 10 vulnerable countries to severe climate change have not.


The topmost country that is severely hit by climate change is Bangladesh. This supposedly tropical country situated near India and Afghanistan has had a rise in the total number of population making things worse for the already struggling country. As the population rises, the rising temperature and the overall pollution has also risen to a whole new level. This means that climate changes have occurred in the past few decades which has resulted into severe flooding and drought in different areas across the country. The morbidity rate has also risen to 8,000 people who die each year either due to drought or to floods.


The country is the most threatened when it comes to the rising sea levels. Almost 16 percent of Vietnam which includes 35 percent of its entire population would suffer if ever the water level would rise up to five meters. The economy would then also suffer at a decrease of 35 percent if this happens. Farm lands will be covered in water and there will be no more means of living for the Vietnamese who rely on agriculture as part of their livelihood.


One of Africa’s largest countries is also at the top of the list for countries that are severely hit by climate change. Over the past few years, the changes in the weather within the country have heighten. This means that farm lands would have lower yields making things more harsh and difficult for people who rely on farms to earn for a living and get food. Sudan has also been announced as one of the world’s most prone in the world to droughts. This proclamation was made the Intergovernmental Panel For Climate Change.


The Philippines is an archipelago country situated at the heart of Southeast Asia. A middle-income country with a vast metropolitan area teeming with pollution. The country is also on the list for countries being in danger for facing frequent flooding and encountering intense storms in a single year. A single year could bring about 20 intense storms that can ravage an entire city and leave it under water. In 2008, the country is one of the three nations that was hit by the most dangerous and horrible disasters according to the study by Center For Research On The Epidemiology Of Disasters in Brussels.


Almost 95 percent of the damages and fatalities have occurred in the year 2008 when the tropical cyclone Nargis ravaged throughout the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. Almost 100 thousand people died and more than millions of people were left homeless. Hundreds or even thousands of small towns and villages were washed away by the flood. The country has lost more than 707 million dollars during the entire ordeal making it one of the most damaging occurrence in Myanmar. After the tragedy, the yearly death toll due to extreme climate rose to 4,522.


Honduras is a country frequently ravaged by tropical storms and dangerous hurricanes over the past few years. Severe changes in weather have brought such large and terrifying hurricanes to the country. In 2008, more than 200 thousand people were affected by severe flooding due to heavy rain and more than 30 thousand people were force to evacuate their own homes when the hurricane hit land. Over 660 million dollars were lost based on studies and the annual death toll due to extreme climate rose to 340.


In the last few years, Haiti has been the center of disasters. Four storms named Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike have ravaged the small poverty stricken country and have managed to wipe out all of the country’s vast resources leaving people to wonder where they will be getting food and shelter. In the following year, another natural disaster, an earthquake, has struck which destroyed the country’s infrastructure and have weakened the environment surrounding the nation. In fact, the country is faced with even more problems regarding the impact of the consecutive natural disasters that they have faced during the past few years. Death toll have risen to 335 and there were more than a hundred million dollars lost in infrastructure and property.


China is another country most frequented by natural disasters. In past year alone, there were more than 10 tropical storms that have reached the coast, floods frequent the middle regions of the country and earthquake can happen at any time. In 2008, more than 70,000 people were killed when a typhoon ravaged the country. In the same year, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the region of Sichuan and killed almost 20,000 people in its wake. Death toll has risen to 2,023 after that leaving 25 million dollars lost in infrastructure and property. Droughts and other ecological disasters including forest fire also happen frequently in China making it one of the most vulnerable countries.


Natural disasters also frequent the large nation of India. Droughts and floods happen multiple times within a year which also bear landslides that can kill hundreds of people. Avalanches and snowstorms also pose a threat to the people living in the North. Floods are the most common and most frequent natural disaster that happen in India. More than 6 million dollars are lost every time flood happens in India. The annual death rate increased to 3,255 since last year.

Dominican Republic

This Caribbean country is also vulnerable to thunderstorms and hurricanes that severely hit the country. Earthquakes also pose a threat to the tropical country.

Mother Nature has always been used and abused by humans and right now, nature is getting back at us. It is best that we try our best to protect our environment, it is still not too late to do so.

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