Best War Movies Ever

Best War Movies Ever

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Black Hawk Down 300x225 Best War Movies Ever

Most of these film makers of war movies made them because they are inspired of the history of men and the battles that shaped who we are today. There are many war movie films that have been created for many years now, but the top 10 best war movies ever will always be remembered and will be watched by people for many generations.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

This war movie is a story about a platoon who was asked to retrieve Private James Ryan to safety as a request from his mother because this soldier is the last Ryan in the family. If he dies, the legacy of their family will forever be gone. What’s great about this movie is that it was set during World War 2 and it showed how the U.S and the Germans fought during those times and how they did whatever it took to survive.

Enemy at the Gates (2001)

This movie was set during World War 2 and it featured Vassili  Zaitsev, a Russian sniper who was asked to eliminate the famous German sniper who was defending the path where the Allied forces can have the upper hand once the sniper was eliminated. If the Allied forces walk through the path, it will leave the Germans to their demise.

Black Hawk Down (2001)

This movie is about a group of U.S Marine Soldiers who crashed their planes in hostile territory. They had to defend themselves until rescue comes because the site that they crashed in was the country where their wars happened and thousand of local civilians died and were casualties of war.

The Patriot (2000)

This Mel Gibson movie is one of the most inspiring war movies ever created because it is about a man trying to avenge the death of his son who was killed by British soldiers for not joining the war. During his journey on avenging the death of his son and hunting down the man responsible for it, he recruits farmers and common people to form a militia group that would serve as an X factor to rise up against the tyrant king. The movie took place during the Civil war and it showed how the U.S got its freedom and became a new nation.

Brave Heart (1995)

This movie is about a man who swore revenge and started a civil war by raising all the Scottish warriors during the medieval ages because his secret bride was raped and killed by English soldiers. Although the Scottish warriors were outnumbered in battle, their resiliency and their great tactics kept them winning from the English soldiers until the main protagonist was captured and beheaded. This movie is one of Mel Gibson’s greatest movies that he personally directed and starred at the same time.

Independence Day (1996)

This movie is a science fiction movie about an Alien race that arrived on Earth. As people thought that they were friendly, the aliens started to attack all places on Earth and the US and other governments tried to fight back by uniting with each other to find a weakness in order to beat the unwanted guests. The movie has the best war scenes and visual effects of all time.

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

This movie is about the US soldiers and their experiences during the Vietnam war where they were on patrol on Phu bai. They were slowly shot down by a sniper who happened to be a teenage Vietnamese girl. The movie showed horrific scenes of US and Vietnam wars which was not advised for young audiences to watch during the time it was shown in movie cinemas.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

This movie is one of the greatest war movies of all time. Although the film highlights the love triangle of 2 best friends and the love that they have for one girl, this film emphasizes and re enacts what happened during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the lives that were lost during this tragedy. The war shown on this movie is quite different from other war movies since it is more of an airplane battle rather than a melee type of war.

300 (2006)

This movie is about a warrior named Leonidas and his group of 300 Spartans who were out to defend the boundary where the Persian military was set to march in order to conquer Sparta. The movie was set during the early BC and it showed how Spartan warriors were chosen and ranked among their class and what they can do to fight. The movie also showed that even in the early years of man, corruption exists because of jealousy and the hunger for power.

Battle Ship (2012)

This movie is inspired by the board game battleship and the plot of the story is that the US government and the Chinese government were in the middle of a dispute when an identified ship suddenly emerges in the sea. When the Americans begin to investigate what this mysterious ship was, it suddenly became hostile and attacked the battleships that were also hostile to them.  When there was no destroying the alien ship, the American troops investigate the main purpose why they are on planet earth and what their plans are. As the story progresses, they found out that the aliens were about to take over the world and at the same time they are trying to communicate with their kind using our satellites.

There are many war movies that are great and are fun to watch. Among all of them, these top 10 listed as the best war films ever is considered to be great because of their unique story and great special effects.

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