Ways to Fight Sleepiness

Ways to Fight Sleepiness

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Are you feeling sleepy in school or work during daytime? No matter what you do to stay awake, do your eyes still find ways to close? Well, you need to wake up and avoid succumbing to slumber. Your combat is during the late morning, afternoon and after lunch. It is nice to have some siesta after your heavy lunch, but you need to beat the afternoon slump and start working again. Find more energy and follow these ten ways to fight sleep.

Stretch Your Muscles

One of the best ways to keep you alert and refreshed is exercise. People think that exercise makes you feel more tired but that is not the case. A brisk walk or some stretching will increase your alertness and improves your energy in work. You need to ward off the after-lunch sleepiness syndrome and do some exercising. It helps your body to pump for your blood flow and increase your metabolism. No need for a big time commitment and spending hours at the gym. A little time for stretching will do as long as you exert much effort.

Take a Sip

A cup of coffee or a bottle of an energy drink helps you in boosting your energy. Caffeine can trigger the fight for sleepiness and gives you a response that makes you awake. At the same time, it also increases your metabolism that makes your heart pumping more. Studies have shown that coffee helps improve your attention span, recall, reflexes and concentration. It is also very addictive; so you must avoid drinking too much of it. It sometimes causes jitters, headaches and difficulty in sleeping – that is why it is not considered the best way to make you awake. But you can always rely on this technique when sleepiness comes in your way.

Listen to Music

Upbeat music will make you alive and kicking as it awakens your spirit. Music has been proven to be very effective in fighting drowsiness. Many drivers who are sleep deprived listen to music to avoid accidents due to sleeping while driving.  It significantly reduces the accident rates. The most effective music is the one that starts with slow tempo and gradually increases that wakes you up. Any aural stimulation can also help when you are not allowed to turn on music. You can have conversation with you colleagues. This way, you will be busy listening and it will make your mind awake.

Mint in Your Mouth      

The menthol of mint playing in your mouth is good to wake your brain up. By this, you get to feel active and alert. The market offers variety of menthol, mints and gums that you would likely pull out when you are sleepy. So when you are feeling lethargic, just try chewing some more.

Get Sunlight and Fresh Air

As soon as sleepy air hits you, stand up and get moving. Remove yourself from the sleepy environment and give yourself a break. Go outside and soak yourself with some fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight can rejuvenate your energy when you are feeling down and tired. To invigorate yourself, find ways to regain your motivation to work. A five minute break will refresh you and you will be ready for work again. When you are in the car and driving, the best way to wake yourself is a blast of fresh air. Turn off the car’s cooling unit and open the windows wide. Let the fresh air awake you.

Some Sweets

Many suggest that a taste of some sweets will lift your spirit up. People often have a chocolate, soda or candy to fuel their minds and body. Take note that too much sugar can be bad for you and it will likely make you feel even more tired. When people are fatigued and hit by afternoon slump, they are tempted to have a lot of sweets. Sugar will only temporarily boost your energy and fight drowsiness.

Splash Some Water

A splash of some cool water on your face is a great way to awake your sleeping soul. Spark yourself with the cold and fresher feeling. Head to the sink and wash your face. A cold shower for your body wakes you even more.

Keep Busy

When you are sleepy, the tendency is that you have a hard time finishing what you have started. Working inside an office can sometimes be deadening. Instead of just sitting and yawning, you can read news online, research on new stuff and follow strings. You need to keep yourself busy and fight the drowsy feeling. Slowly force yourself to work and get things done. Spend your day in a very productive way. Get the power to continue and a good state of mind. Time flies quickly that you will not notice that you have done your job while combating sleep.


Doodle, for most artistic people, is a way to relieve sleepiness. It is an unfocused art of drawing while the person’s attention is occupied. Doodling and brainstorming are used by many when they are daydreaming and getting away from the real world. There is fun when you draw abstract shapes in your paper, notebook and even books. This technique is often used by students when they are losing their interest in class and fighting against the sleepy feeling.

Power Sleep

The best way to avoid sleepiness is a good night sleep. Make sure that you give yourself enough sleep. As much as possible, avoid interruption in your sleep time. Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep while teens need a minimum of nine hours. Poor sleep habits results to daytime drowsiness.

Sleepiness is really a problem when you don’t know how to fight it. It delays your work and causes deterioration in the quality of your output. These are just few of the ways to fight sleep. You might figure out your own style and technique. Always be ready for your battle with Mr. Sleep. Be alert, awake and enthusiastic.

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