Ways to Handle Substance Abuse

Ways to Handle Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse is a major problem in the society today. Adults and teenagers abuse alcohol, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and other substances. All individuals who abuse substances have their own personal reasons as to why they do such things, such as family problems or unemployment. You, as part of the society and the family, have a role in helping overcome their addiction.

Here are top 10 ways to handle substance abuse and how you can help others.

Decide That You Really Want To Stop Your Addiction

Every healthy decision for change starts in you. Your willingness and dedication to deal with your addiction will help you commit to your goals and makes the decision more effective. You may be encountering health and relationship issues related to your substance abuse and are planning to change for the better. When you do really decide to stop using drugs, nothing is impossible to help you achieve your goals.

Be Firm and Honest

Your friends are used to seeing you using drugs, and when you refuse something from them, they will start mocking you. Sometimes, mockery will touch your pride and test yourself as to how committed you are to your goals. Be firm in facing the challenging moments with your friends and their tempting activities. Be honest to yourself by really abiding by your everyday goals so you will be able to confront temptations and desires.

Reframe Relationships

Staying within the circle of your usual friends will not do you any good especially if they are the ones that influenced you in your addiction. Assess your friends if they can help you or will just make things worse for you. If you are trying to find new circles of friends, find the people who can help you deal with your substance abuse problems. Sometimes, the best support comes from family members or people who are also dealing with the same kind of problems and want to change just like you.

Join a Recovery Website

Websites that are aimed at connecting people who are trying to get away from their addiction and are in recovery are great for finding a healthy support system. People in this recovery websites may share the same situation like what you have and can help you stay clean and share stories, advices and offer encouragement. You can also find plenty of recovery information such as from Recovery Social Network. You may even want to begin your own blog about your recovery period for people to read and learn from your story.

Develop a Plan

Change is a personal thing, and it all depends on you. If you want to handle substance abuse and recover from it, make a plan as to how you will do it. Make sure that your goals are achievable and realistic. Keep it simple and stick to your plan. Do not let other people distract you. Focus on your goals and figure out how to execute your goals that are effective and helpful.

Be Patient with Yourself

When you are used to doing something, it is very difficult to get away from it during the first three months. You may find yourself back to the bar room and getting yourself drunk or getting high with friends. This will sometimes discourage you and may even make you think that it is too impossible. Give yourself time to slowly remove the factors causing your addiction. Just be patient and everything will fall into the right place in due time.

Eat Healthy and Nutritious Foods

Going through the withdrawal stage is not a very pleasant experience. Your body may become too exhausted associated with withdrawal symptoms. In order to deal with an unpleasant ordeal, stuff your body with healthy and nutritious foods and are easy to consume and digest. Soups may work best and include plenty of protein components in it. Keeping your blood sugar level stable will keep you in good mood and make the experience a rewarding process.

Get In Touch With a Friend Who Does Not Do Drugs

Getting away from your usual circle of friends is not healthy for your recovery. If you have a friend who does not do drugs, stay with him. Join in his circle of friends. Do healthy things together like playing music, watching movies and going out on a coffee date. When you have someone you can talk to in a different level, you will feel motivated and confident to change for the better.

Find Healthy Activities

Engage yourself in certain activities in the community such as feeding programs, tree planting activities or any other activities that are productive and healthy. When you keep yourself occupied with better things, you will find the enjoyment and satisfaction from doing those activities. This is even more beneficial to you because you get to be around people who will encourage and appreciate you for your personal efforts. The community can be one of your best support systems on your road to recovery. You can also join a biking club, yoga class, or a mountaineering club to focus more on your physical strengths rather than getting busy dealing with frustrations and discouragements in life.

Realize That You Are Not Alone

There are thousands of other people out there who are also facing the same challenges and obstacles like you do. They are also looking for better ways to handle substance abuse and finding support persons or groups to help them recover. When you sometimes fail, it is not the end of the world. Keep yourself motivated and dedicated and you can then help others in return.

Focus on the better side of life. Stay connected in a circle of friends who will bring a positive impact to you. Take some time to stretch, relax and meditate so you will be able to focus more towards achieving your goals on your road to recovery. Keep yourself occupied and stay away from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes at all times.

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