Ways on How to Say I Love You

Ways on How to Say I Love You

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Ways on How to Say I Love You

The three magic words every men and women wants to hear from their love ones are “I Love You”. Isn’t it amazing hearing the love of your life saying these three magic words to you? These words would even be more romantic if the person saying this to you knows how to say it the right way. Is there a right way to say I love you? Of course there is! Imagine hearing these words from your long time crush just right beside the street and when he said it he is like shouting it, would you believe him? You might even think he is just fooling around. Now, let’s see what are the top 10 ways on how to say I Love You to your one and only true love.

Say it Like you Mean It!

First and foremost, saying I Love You is not like asking how are you. These words are special so you may want to try saying it like you really mean it. It must come from the heart and not from the nose or anywhere else! Seriously, if you love the person so bad it would be easy to get his or her attention and trust if you say these words from the bottom of your heart and show to the person that these three little magic words are real. This is crucial, I’m sure you don’t want to be taken lightly or like a jerk right? So be serious and get real with your emotions.

Establish an Eye Contact

Wouldn’t it be nice to see right through the eyes of your dream partner when he or she told you I Love You? Eye contact signifies a lot of things. Example, saying these words however looking at another woman isn’t really believable right? So make sure when you spill these words out you must look right straight into your partners’ eyes and tell it from the bottom of your heart with accompanying eye contact. Nothing can be better than this moment.

Make your Words Clear Enough yet Soft

Saying I Love You in a mumbling voice is really irritating. After saying those words I’m sure your partner or someone you court won’t hear those special words. How can he or she hears it when you are mumbling it? So make sure to speak clearly and softly just enough that your words will be heard and be digested not only by the brain but as well as the heart.

The Gesture Matters!

When you say I Love You, you must accompany it with a small gesture or action. You can’t just sit or stand wherever you are and say those words without any small gestures. When I say gestures I’m referring to your romantic actions like holding his or her hand while saying it. Touching isn’t it? You can even try a little firm hold when saying it. It’s a sure fire way to cause shivers in the spine for most women!

Have a Surprise Plan

Who doesn’t want surprises? I’m sure you do and your partner too. So when you say those magic words, you can also plan a surprise for her, maybe a dinner after saying those words to her, make your night or day memorable and bond the whole day especially if it’s your 1st time exchanging these magic words. By doing so you’ll never forget the day you said these words.

Give a Gift!

Saying I Love You can be accompanied with a special gift, maybe a ring, a necklace or just a plain flowers. For the flowers you can simply give this to her while telling her that you love her. For the necklace and ring it is crucial to tell her you love her first before giving these expensive gifts! It makes the romantic feeling even more delightful. Imagine hearing those words and then just when she thought it’s over she received another surprise of a ring or necklace! It’s a touchdown for most women!

Secure a Romantic Place Before Saying the Words

The venue is everything so make sure when you spill those words you must ensure that your venue is somewhere quite, just the two of you and if possible with a romantic touch. A garden near you might be helpful with flowers. A secluded place with a beautiful scene is also nice. You can also opt for places with beautiful lights at night or just in your apartment with a romantic dim light.

Make Sure you have His or Her Full Attention

When you say I Love You to someone you must make sure you have his or her full attention. Don’t spoil your plan, your surprise or even your gift all because he or she didn’t hear you or his or her mind is fully occupied. If so then your plan will all be ruined. You must be patient, wait for the right timing and wait for his or her attention and once focused then it’s time to spill out those magic words. Timing my friend is everything and crucial especially if you want it in a romantic and unforgettable event in your life.

Ensure No Interruption

What could possibly ruin your plan? Think about it and ensure those possibilities are erased or under control. Example, if you have a dog at home and you are about to spill your magic words then all of a sudden your dog barks! Darn timing is ruined and it’s because you didn’t secure the moment. So you can place your dog in a different room for the mean time until you have spoken the needed words to your partner.

Seal it with a Kiss!

After saying your magic words, the best thing to do right after those words is to seal it with a kiss. This really works! Kiss is a sign of a romantic affection, a sign of love and care for someone. Of course, the kiss must be soft and tender not like you’re lusting. The kiss will be the turning point of the moment; if he or she kisses back then you’re on the right track!

Tell Those Words Now and Follow These Tips!

I know these tips might sound a little corny to you but once you are in love you will really do things you normally wouldn’t do. Imagine someone doing these things for you and that someone is very dear to you, how would you feel? I’m sure you can’t say no and will just kiss back and say yes or I Love You too as a response. So don’t hold back your feelings and just say what you feel and make sure you follow some of the tips here.

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