Ways to Manage Your ACL Tear

Ways to Manage Your ACL Tear

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Ways to Manage Your ACL Tear

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a ligament that helps stabilize the knee and prevents the femur from moving forward when a person puts weight on it. Aside from this, ACL limits the side to side movement of the knee joint as well as keeps the knee from extending beyond its normal range.

ACL tear is common among athletes due to sudden changes in direction or the need to do pivoting movements. If the ACL reaches its maximum limit, it snaps. A torn ACL can be painful, and is often followed by a “pop” that makes the person unable to continue with his activity. While this may be depressing, there are various ways on how one can deal with an ACL tear.

5. Change Your Activities. Changing your sport can be one of the ways to manage an ACL tear. Since your knee stability is compromised, playing sports which involve pivoting movements would be too much for your knee to bear that can lead to further damage. But this doesn’t mean stop being active. You can still continue with your physical activities and can even go back into sports. In fact, there are a lot of individuals who have torn ACL and still continue to play sports once they are healed.

4. Focus on Leg Exercises. Part of dealing with an ACL tear is focusing on your leg’s muscle strength. The absence of the ACL requires the leg muscles to be very strong so focus on the quads, hamstring, and gluts. Strengthening these muscles would help support an ACL deficient knee and at the same time, help prevent future knee injuries.

3. Lose Weight. An ACL tear is a serious injury because it compromises the stability of the knee. If you are on the heavy side, it is much better to lose a few pounds so that your knee, especially the good one, can still support your weight and body.

2. Get a Surgery. You can still continue with your activities despite torn ACL. But when you just want to feel normal again or when your deficient knee just restricts your every movement, it’s proper to undergo an ACL reconstruction surgery. This type of surgery can be done in multiple ways since there are graft choices in your body that can replace your ACL – patellar tendon, hamstring tendon, Achilles tendon and quadriceps tendon. Any of the graft can be used but it all depends on the doctor’s preference on what type of graft he is comfortable in using.

1. Take Care of Your Good Leg. If you go back to your activity after the injury, there is a tendency to favour on the good leg. If this continues, you may end up with both knees needing surgery since all of your weight is dependent on the good leg. You wouldn’t want that to happen. In order to avoid this, there is a need to know about the proper landing when jumping as well as the proper body posture when doing lateral movements. Also, strengthen the muscles in your good leg through various leg exercises.

Aside from these, it is also important to have the right support system who understands you and willing to help you as you go through this. ACL tear is a serious injury and you need someone to be there for you all throughout the experience.

They always say that playing sports is good for one’s health and body. It keeps one physically fit and is also a good workout to maintain the right amount of fats and muscle mass in the body. However, sports are often associated with injuries. One of the most common injuries related to playing sports is ACL tear. ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the four major ligaments that keep the knee intact. When the ACL is torn, there is tendency for the knee to wobble, thus restricting a person from doing any movements. Having a torn ACL is a serious injury which can even lead to depression and anxiety. That is why the person suffering from this kind of injury should have a support system who can help him/her all throughout the process. This article will provide you different ways in order to help you manage your injury.

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