Ways on How to Get Your Ex Back

Ways on How to Get Your Ex Back

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Getting your ex back might be a challenge on your part however you should never fear for there’s always a proven strategy to get the love of your life back in your arms. I know most people are desperate to have their partner back but bear in mind that you have to observe rules and strategies so you can easily crawl to your partners’ brain and heart without putting up any arguments and fights. Let me tell you a secret I discovered that will apply to most lovers who just broke up. Let me give you the powerful top 10 ways on how to get your ex back in no time, 100% guaranteed.

1st – Never Ever Beg and Plead Like a Hopeless Person

First and foremost, when you and your partner broke up never ever beg for a second chance, let your partner go and let him or her think about the decision made. The more you beg the more pathetic you look and the more your partner will realize that he or she doesn’t like such a lousy loser. Your partner might even question why he or she even ended up with you! So never beg and do something stupid that you might regret in the future. Don’t make a fool out of yourself. Just accept it and let it go but that doesn’t mean you are giving up. This is the number one rule, just stay calm and hold yourself together and don’t ask for second chances.

2nd – Accept that your Relationship is Over

Aside from not begging, you must accept deep within yourself that your relationship is over. The minute your partner broke up with you means that your past relationship is dead, never attempt to resuscitate a lifeless relationship. It’s like resuscitating a corpse! If ever you get to revive the corpse or relationship still it only has a couple of breaths then it will still be over. So follow my advice and accept the truth that you guys are over so you can restart.

3rd – It’s Time to Press the RESET Button

Now that everything is properly official and that your relationship is now over, it’s now time for you to hit the RESET button and time to work your way to your partners’ heart and mind again. How? There are 2 different methods to bring your ex back. The 1st method applies for all women and the 2nd method applies for all men. For women, simply apply psychology trick to your mans brain and you will easily control him. For men, you might need to understand women before making any move.

4th – Men Psychology for Women

If you’re a woman dying to have your ex boyfriend back is easy. Just apply men psychology and you will learn how to control him. Men have emotional buttons that you need to push. One sure way is to do reverse psychology, if your man rejected you then simply transfer the weight of rejection you feel over to your man and I’m sure he will crawl back to you. Its human nature that once you feel rejected you tend to grasp more of it.

5th – For men, Text your Way to Her Brain

I’m sure you’re asking why text messages? Well, use simple, strong yet very powerful text messages techniques tested and proven. Don’t leave her with long voice mail and text messages, these are not effective. Simple short messages will do the trick and will slowly crawl in her brain. Give her time and she will eventually give in.

6th – Follow Break Up Rules

Never text your partner that you want to see him or her, it only shows you’re desperate. Never ask your partner if you guys can still be friends for this will only lead to a different level in your relationship and eventually you will end up being his or her booty call. This is not the right way to get your partner back. Just avoid these mistakes so everything can still be fixable.

7th – You Need to Make your Partner Feel Special

Because you guys are now dating back again, you must make each other feel special, how? By making your woman feel understood and loved, make her feel secure and she will eventually get over her rational thinking and gives in until you got her back and vice versa. Make your man feel special too by doing things you never used to do for him before.

8th – You Need to Make your Partner Jealous

If your partner is so hard and you can’t just win him or her back easily, then know the art of making him or her feel jealous. I’m sure once you did, he or she will fight for you to win you back from someone. Make him or her think you are about to give other suitor or women a chance and let your partner think you might be taken away by someone. Once he or she feels this way I am sure everything will turn 360 degrees.

9th – Learn the Art of Fighting Guarded and Defensive Emotions

It is common for a broken hearted people to have a defensive emotions which are well guarded, now if you feel that your partner is in this state then learn some ways on how to fight against these emotions. It could be through text messages or simple things like dropping her a call and tell him or her that he or she is still the one. Fight against the resistance until you capture your partner’s heart again.

10th – Never Commit the Same Mistake

Now that you’ve exerted all efforts to win your partner back, the last way to seal the getting back stage is to tell your partner the mistakes done before will never ever be repeated. There’s no better way than sealing a relationship and starting all over again with these words. So commit and swear not to hurt each others feelings.

Have your Partner Back Now and Live Happily

Now that you know these 10 effective ways to win the love of your life back, I hope these tips will work out just fine for you. In case he or she still wants you out of his or her life, then you should seek other means and you could even opt to ask the help of the pro. However, I am telling you that these methods are quite effective so just do it right and you’ll never have to be lonely again.

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