Ways to Protect Your Dog from Fleas

Ways to Protect Your Dog from Fleas

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Ways to Protect Your Dog from Fleas

Summer and spring are the best seasons to go out and enjoy family time and bonding with your pets. But always remember that it is also the season when fleas and ticks come out. These bloodsucking parasites lodge in your dog’s coat, ears and in between feet. Before you lock little pooch inside the house and stop fleas from biting your pets, try these top 10 ways to protect your dogs from fleas.

Clear and Clean the Yard

In order to reduce the flea population, trim your lawn, trees and bushes. It will control the increasing of outdoor fleas. Commercial chemical products may be used but take note that these products may contain toxic products that may damage your plants and harm your pets and even you. You can also contact a specialist to do the job for you. Remember to warn your neighbors so they will be aware and protect themselves from incidental contact with chemicals.

Install Flea Traps

There are ready made flea traps that you can buy from the hardware store. However, you can make your own non-toxic and safe homemade flea trap. Set a small dish of soapy water on the ground near a lamp posts or garden lights overnight. Fleas get attracted to the warmth and light and jump into the water and get trapped.

Treat Pets during The Winter Season

Fleas start to go away during the cold winter months. This is your best chance to treat your dogs for fleas. Fleas who remain on your dog’s body will be eradicated so that when the summer and spring months approaches, you will have lesser problems with fleas biting your dog. Use flea treatments to get rid of those flea eggs that are waiting to hatch in the summer. Flea treatments not only treat your pets but also kill other areas in the house where flea eggs may lodge.


Since your dog is part of the family, it must also be roaming around the house and playing with your little ones. Chances are it is also spreading the fleas all over the house. From your bedroom to the living room, fleas love to harbor on carpets, floor boards and wherever cracks and cravats are found. One of the ways to protect your dog from fleas is to vacuum carpets and floor boards in order to minimize flea population inside the house. Although it will not completely eradicate the fleas, but doing it once or twice a week will lessen their population.

Clean Your Pet’s Toys and Bedding

Where your pet sleeps, there are also plenty of fleas left in his bedding and toys. When you clean house to free your house from fleas and ticks, do not forget to include your pet’s bedding, toys and kennel. This is where your pet spends most of its time so you must make sure to clean, wash and disinfect his stuff with flea treatments or homemade treatments. If flea infestation is too severe, you may opt to discard and burn his old things and provide him with new bedding and toys.

Flea Shampoos

Flea shampoos have been around for many years and it has proven to be very effective. During the cold seasons, expect fleas to appear in your dog’s coat. That is why it is best that you should start anti-flea shampoos and pick the brands and prices that are not cheap since these are the effective types of flea shampoos. There are many different flea shampoos that you can choose from, however you must check what dog breed is it for so that the effectiveness of the shampoo will almost be 100%.

Oral and Vaccine Medications

There are different types of oral and vaccine medications for dogs. You have to let a veterinarian check and treat your dog first before you apply such medications. Dogs have different types of medication since they are of different breeds. The small dogs require certain amount of dosage that is different from large dogs. Ask your doctor’s advice and never do it yourself because you might harm your dog instead of helping it.

Flea Powders and Sprays

Flea powders and sprays are anti-flea products that have been proven to be very effective for many years. These products are not harmful to your dogs and at the same time it can protect them. Pet owners should ask pet shop vendors what particular flea powder and sprays should be recommended for your dog since there are specific flea powders and sprays for different kinds of dogs.

Flea Dips

Flea dips is a chemical substance that needs to be placed on your dog’s fur when they are still young since the chemicals can be absorb quickly and it will protect your dog at all times. A best comparison to it is a Hepatitis B shot that are given to children so that they won’t contract it in the future. Flea dips can be very poisonous if you do not consult your veterinarian. That is why if you have plans to use this kind of treatment, it is best that you let the experts treat your dog so that no complications will arise in the future.

Check Your Dog’s Fur Regularly

Despite all the medications and the anti-flea shampoos that you will give your dog, it is best that you should check their furs on a regular basis if there are fleas or ticks that might have settled down on their body. It might be a burden for you at first in doing such things, but it will also keep your dog clean and free from this unwanted pests.

Keeping fleas and ticks from biting your dog is a good way to protect him and the people around your pet. It also helps maintain the integrity of his skin and keeps him from illnesses. While there are pet products available in your pet store to help get rid of these parasites, it is also best to regularly bathe your dog and check his coat for trapped fleas before it gets into your home and infect other animals in the home.

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