Ways to Travel on a Budget

Ways to Travel on a Budget

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Ways to Travel on a Budget

Traveling to see the world is in almost everyone’s bucket list. Although you may need some cash to take a trip, it does not have cost you a fortune. Considering all the expenses, you need to know the top 10 ways to travel on a budget so that you get to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Choose the Right Place to Travel to

First, choose the right countries to visit. Some countries can be more expensive than others. If you know how to budget your expenses, then you are set to a good start. You might want to start with Central or South America or South-East Asia.

Try the Local Dishes

Avoid eating Western foods. It can be more expensive than you think. Trying out the local cuisine is always part of the travel experience. And besides, it is cheaper to buy foods from the street-vendors or from the local restaurants, rather than indulging yourself in fancy restaurants.

Don’t Book Accommodation in Advance

This may sound confusing but the main idea is to book only the first night of your trip. That way, you already have a place to stay upon your arrival. Then as you go around the place, you can find other cheaper and better accommodations by talking to other travelers about finding the best deals in town.

Do the Sight-seeing Your Way

You can live without tour guides while going around the place. Read about the possible sites that you may want to visit in your destination and bring along maps to guide you. However, be discreet when you look at your map as some people may take advantage of you. Experienced travelers do this and they get to enjoy the local attractions longer and at their own pace.

Know the Exchange Rates

Before you leave, make sure to check out the latest exchange rates and shop around before you exchange money at the airport. Ask other travelers about the best foreign exchange shops or maybe use your ATM to get more competitive rates. Just make sure to check with your bank about foreign transaction fees.

Learn the Art of Bargaining

In some countries like those in Asia, vendors are used to bargaining. You can ask for lower prices  and you will end up buying stuff at half the original price. Always remember to bargain nicely and don’t get mad.

Travel in Groups

You can split the costs when you travel with a friend or in a group. You receive great discounts for some activities or save up on transportation and accommodation. You also get to pack light because you share the load on guidebook, laptop, camera, etc.

Pack Light

If you only bring a carry-on bag which contains all your stuff, you save money on baggage charges at the air-carriers. You can also move around easily because you do not have a big luggage to pull along when you transfer from one accommodation to another. You not only save time and transportation expenses, you also experience less hassle.

Do Things for Free

Plan the itinerary for your trip. You will find out that some activities can be done for free. Go for a walk, take some pictures, or talk to the locals. You can stay in a hostel located at the center of everything, so you easily find your way back after a long day of moving around.

Book your Flight in Advance

Try to search online for cheap plane tickets. You can wait for airline ticket promos, look up different travel sites or talk to several travel agents in order to get a cheap flight.

Traveling is a very rewarding experience. If you know how to travel on a budget, you will be able to maximize your money and enjoy more sights and activities. With extra cash, you can even get to buy souvenirs for your friends or yourself.

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