Weirdest Restaurants in the World

Weirdest Restaurants in the World

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Whenever there are celebrations or important events, people will go to restaurants and dine. Today, there are many restaurants with different designs, architecture, ambiance and many other things that make them memorable or set them apart from others. Around the world, restaurateurs have found different ideas on how to make their restaurants unique that will give every guest an out-of-this-world dining experience. Some are even weird in their theme and how they present their food.

Here are the top 10 restaurants in the world that you may want to include in your must-visit list.

A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Taiwan

Do you enjoy travelling yet are not so fond of airplane food? How about dining in a first class restaurant while inside an airplane? Then, book for a seat at A380 In-Flight Kitchen in Taipei, Taiwan.  This is no ordinary airplane food. You will dine in a fancy restaurant where the interior resembles of a plane, from the entrance and seats to the aisles and windows. Food is also being served in food carts, just like when flight attendants deliver food while on board. The waitresses and waiters dress up like flight attendants and the food choices are not limited to just sandwiches and fried chicken. You will even encounter turbulence while dining.

Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China

If you want to experience how it is to live behind bars, you must visit Devil Island Prison restaurant in China. The owner came up with an idea to let people feel how rough life in prison can be by creating a jail-concept restaurant wherein you will be in handcuffs and served with fried bread in a coffin shape. Tables are surrounded with prison bars and waiters are dressed up in black and white. There is also a restaurant in Beijing called “Zen Cool” and another one in Italy with the same concept.

Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

Not scared of heights? Try fancy dining at Dinner in the Sky in Belgium. Indulge in sumptuous meals while you are strapped into chairs and dangling 150 feet above ground with a crane. You can make your anniversary date or family dinner extra special by trying this unusual dining experience. The restaurant can accommodate 22 people. Eat food prepared on site and be serenaded with an orchestra as you enjoy the sights while up in the air.

Marton Theme Restaurant, Taiwan

Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, this creative and bathroom-themed restaurant is a great hit among diners. Enjoy the ambiance like you are in your very own bathroom, with colorful toilet seats and food served in bowls and plates shaped like western loo seats. Tables are made out of converted bathtubs and decorated with faucets and urinals made into lamps. Good quality food allows for a fun-filled, affordable dining experience.


This cannibalistic-themed restaurant in Japan may sound weird and disgusting but diners are eating edible and delicious foods. Nyotaimori or female body plate, as the name suggests, serves their food on a woman’s body placed on a dining table that looks like a hospital surgery table. The foods are placed inside the body and you get to perform surgery and eat whatever is inside. What makes the experience more realistic is that the body bleeds as you cut into it and you can see intestines and organs inside which are totally edible.

Cabbages and Condoms, Thailand

This restaurant was built to help support PDA, a foundation for the people of Thailand. Inside, you will find wall decors of various types and colors of condoms, and also on the carpets. Complimentary treats are condoms and foods are “guaranteed not to cause pregnancy”, as their slogan says. You will enjoy fried Shanghai noodles, Spicy Condom salad and many others. You will be served by waiters dressed in black and white with condom headdresses.

Baggers, Germany

Scared of roller-coaster rides? Dine in at Baggers in Nuremberg, Germany where food is served in roller coaster tracks and delivered directly to the tables. Diners can view the restaurant menus and order their food through a touch-screen computer found in every table. The foods are from organic, local ingredients and freshly prepared every day.

D.S. Music Restaurant, Taiwan

A hospital-themed restaurant with waitresses dressed like nurses, crutches hung on the walls, chairs like wheelchairs, tables like stretchers, and drinks are served in IV bottles. This restaurant was conceptualized by the owner to show his gratitude for the care he received from a local hospital. Their food menu items compose mainly of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines with a western influence. Try their sashimi served on a highland of ice covered with flowers and leaves.

Hobbit House, Philippines

Feel the luxury of dining in a simple restaurant and served by the smallest waiters you will ever encounter. Founded in Manila by Jim Turner, a Peace Corps volunteer and Tolkein fan, the restaurant is decorated with Tolkein paintings and of the legendary folk singer, Freddie Aguilar. There is a bar full of wines and spirits and the local drink, Lambanog. Food choices include local cuisine and western foods. You can try their beef steak, sausages with mashed potatos, New York cut steak, pasta, and taquitos. They even have a branch in Boracay Island, a very well-known tourist spot in the Philippines.

Hellfire Club, United Kingdom

Located in a 19th century haunted building, the restaurant looks like a dungeon inside and is decorated with coffins, skeletons and red lights brighten the dining area. Not your ordinary dining experience but the foods are said to be divine and world-class. Food choices in the menu will include meatballs, steaks called “Cannibal Holocaust” and “Kiss of the Vampire” and to finish it off, treat yourself to a glass of ruby red Merlot.

Restaurant dining experience has greatly changed since people found ideas of making it memorable and exciting. With the creation of these weird restaurants from all over the world, you will have plenty of choices as to where to eat in your next country of destination.

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