Whey Protein and Why It is Important in Bicycle Racing

Whey Protein and Why It is Important in Bicycle Racing

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Whey Protein and Bike Racing 300x200 Whey Protein and Why It is Important in Bicycle Racing

Cyclists and triathletes face a great challenge these days. Reaching the best condition may not only mean the time and effort in the gym. One of the most crucial parts of preparation is nutrition. Let us accept the fact that there are nutritional deficits when only food is used to build your body to the best shape possible for a bicycle race. There is growing popularity of protein supplements today, particularly of Whey Protein.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is a protein rich waste byproduct from a great number of dairy goods. The intriguing thing about whey is that it helps the body develop muscles because of high concentration of protein per gram. This simply means that you can easily form muscles that you need without stuffing a great amount of food and losing track of the caloric requirement of your body. For bicycle racing, it can function both as a pre or a post workout booster.

A good thing about whey protein other than the normal food that you eat is that it provides fast absorption of the amino acids. This simply means that there are fewer processes in terms of digestion than the typical food that you consume. So does this mean that you can make it as a replacement to the food that you eat? According to the FDA and manufacturers of the whey protein supplements, it is always a good idea only to regard the products as supplements and not as a substitute to the food that you eat.

How to Use Whey Protein?

There is a big difference when it comes to the use of amino acids in a pre or a post workout meal. Amino acids for the pre-workout meal provides additional boost of strength. For instance, according to studies, the basic chained amino acid can provide extra spurts of strength when given enough time to be processed by the body. As for the post workout meal, the whey protein can function to provide muscle recovery. On the part of the cyclists, it is a great way to provide additional strength to the legs especially during recovery period.

Integration of Exercises

There are a lot of exercises that you can integrate in order to provide the best results. For instance, high intensity and long duration of activities provide the right combination of developed type 1 and 2 muscle fibers. Of course, this can happen with the help of the whey protein. According to research, the best time to consume protein is when it is around 20 minutes after the workout. This maximizes the absorption of the amino acids to the body.

There are different controversies though when it comes to the use of muscle building supplements. Protein supplements over the years were under scrutiny for spiking the results. This simply means that integration of Performance Enhancing Drugs is used in some products in order to provide great reviews.

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