How to Win and Influence Customers in Business

How to Win and Influence Customers in Business

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Customers is the lifeblood of a certain business.
Without customers your business will not succeed, your business will not grow and your business will remain stagnant as it is. Therefore you must always find ways to win and influence new customers from time to time. However, there are cases when winning your target consumers is hard especially if they have already a preferred company which could also be your greatest opponent in the business. To help you win and influence your target customers in the business, let’s find out some ways on how to do so.

Treat Every Customer as your Friend

In dealing with a customer you must make sure to put in mind that you are not really dealing with a customer but rather a friend. Do not oversell yourself and simply act natural, some customers have been through a lot of vendors and businesses and you might even be the last one they’ve come to check out before deciding anything. So don’t be the typical entrepreneurs and set yourself apart from those that they’ve already met before you. By acting as a friend, not trying to do too much sales talk and simply answer and do your thing normally they will come to realize that you are different from the others. Maybe they will not purchase from you at the moment however you’ve impacted them with your friendly attitude and once they’ve decided on buying something, the first name that will pop on their mind is yours.

Give a Complimentary Thank you Note if you Can

This may sound like an expense to you however in winning and influencing a customer takes strategies. If you meet someone which you think is a potential customer, talk to them in a friendly manner and after meeting you can send them a complimentary thank you for visiting your store after a week or so, this will catch them off guarded and will lead them to think you are a good business man! They get a thank you note for nothing! I’m sure this gesture will lead them back straight to your store.

Be Very Patient, Never Rush a Customer

If you want to win a customer, you must never rush him in his decision. If a customer visited your store, you must see to it that whatever questions he asked is answered accordingly, despite how long it takes for him to decide just be patient and continue talking like a friend. Once he felt comfortable around you the conversation will flow naturally until such time he decides. As they say, patience is a virtue and you must exercise this in winning a customer.

Provide a Good Story

It’s a fact that most people loves hearing great stories. So while being friendly and patient you can certainly give a good story that your customer might like. Always be ready, a good story sometimes breaks the ice and customers might even be inspired to your story and ends up buying your product. A good story must be interesting as well as informative.

Win and Influence your Customers Now!

How about you? How do you win and influence your customers? Strategies must be implemented however you must bear in mind that despite having a good strategy in dealing with potential customers yet you as a person doesn’t have the needed personality to make the conversation up beat and natural then your strategies are useless. Develop your social skills and practice these tips to win customers and you will never go wrong.

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