Wonderful Shopping Malls in Denmark, Copenhagen

Wonderful Shopping Malls in Denmark, Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is the largest city of Denmark which offers
a huge variety of department stores and shopping malls. If the weather is fantastic, you may desire to go for outing, but if you don’t have any outdoor choice then the shopping malls are the best place to visit. Many shopping malls remain open until late at night and the hustle and bustle of the people remains the same whether it is day or night. Following are some of the wonderful malls in the city.

Amager Centret

At the back of Amagerbrogade and Holmbladsgade, you’ll see a beautiful mall known as Amager Centret. More than 72 stores of different items like home accessories, garments, bags, watches, sports, shoes and many other things of leisure are available here. Different restaurants, grocery stores and many activity places are also present to serve the locals.


This mall is the largest mall of Scandinavia, located adjacent to the Orestad Metro Station. This is a very luxurious mall of the city, visited by many millionaires because of its class and high end stores and boutiques. One of its amazing fashion boutiques is the “Fields of Fashion”. You’ll also find a variety of interior design items and furniture’s in one floor. If you have recently relocated to the city and want to make a contract with an interior decorator, then you can also hire the service of a decorator who can be found at the shopping mall. A great variety of appetizing food, bars, clubs, golf courses and many more facilities are available. A two storey car parking area has the capacity to accommodate more than 3,000 cars.

Fisketorvet – Copenhagen Mall

There are more than 100 shops in this shopping mall, where you can find everything from fashion to the home use products and from grocery to luxurious items. Many super markets and fast food restaurants are also present. In its cinemax, you can enjoy a recently released movie with your partner on a big screen. The parking facility is also available for the convenience of the visitors which has the capacity of approximately 2,000 cars. Car parking facility is free for 3 hours. After that you have to pay some charges. For children’s amazement, The Octopus Bertil and his friends visit the mall every Sunday to meet and greet the kids.


ILLUM presents an example of brilliant architects and engineers. This mall is one of the Copenhagen’s beautiful and premium department stores. There are many international brands like; Paul Smith, Armani, Acne, MAC, Zara, Won Hundred and many more. Its prime location in the center of the city is the main reason why this shopping mall is most of the time crowded. The mall is visited by thousands of people daily. Especially at weekends, a great rush is seen in this shopping mall.

Can’t Decide Which Mall to Visit?

All these shopping malls are great places to visit, surely it’s very difficult to make a decision which one to visit especially if you’re a tourist who has only limited time. Now, if you ask me, I suggest you make time for all shopping malls for each has different styles and different things to offer. So enjoy and have fun visiting all these shopping malls.

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