Working for Money vs Working for Passion

Working for Money vs Working for Passion

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Work for money or passion 300x168 Working for Money vs Working for Passion

Should one work for money or work for passion?  This is the big question one will face during the big event in life where a two way career path approaches.  So which path would be the best?  The one that offers a big income and stability but is too far from field that an employee naturally puts interest to or the one that offers a just enough amount of salary but fulfills one’s skills and interest?  This article hopefully answers those big questions that almost all of the workers ask to themselves.  The below facts and information discusses the advantages and disadvantages of going through each career path.

Working for money

Most possibly, no one does not want to get a big amount of money as a payment for hard work and effort.  Big and high profiting company obviously offers an impressive package of good basic salary, satisfying incentives and commissions, and benefits that ensures the future of the employees.  The package almost have it all.

But if in case the industry of a specific high paying company does not match an employee’s interest and passion, that will be the downside of choosing this career path.  Going to work each and every day, doing the same routine, and worse, staying in the same old professional position for a long time will never lead anyone to self satisfaction and career growth.

Working for passion

This career path promises to make each morning a good start for a worker to wake up, be excited to do what he or she loves to do while earning, barely notice the time passing by due to a great enjoyment the work gives, and a relaxed and peaceful night to sleep with knowing that something has been added to the so called stock of knowledge, skills, and talent.  Working for passion can also be called as healthy work life as it almost never make a person feel stressed over doing something that is too far from the passion and interest.  Most people who work for passion are the fortunate ones who already have an acceptable amount of savings, regular income from businesses, or consistent financial support from the family.  Some say that working for passion will only work for rich kids.  Yes, some might agree as most of the jobs that offer self satisfaction such as being a writer or an artist are not offering the amount of salary that big companies can give.  If a person’s passion is reading and writing, there is a specific amount of necessary budget to support this kind of passion.  The same goes when a person loves to paint.  The materials, time, and transportation allowance requires money too.

Is it possible to have just both of them?

This is the other question that is being asked by many during the dilemma season.  The answer is always yes.  As long as one knows his or her priorities in life, set of skills and interest, passion, and the good way to balance all of them; having a work opportunity that feeds both the passion and the pocket is just within an effortless reach away.  A person can work in a big company that is too far from his or her passion and get a big money from it, and feed his or her passion during vacant times or rest days or a person can work in an industry that is closest to his or her passion and do sidelines like a small business within the same fields to earn more.  The point is, there is always a way to balance passion and money.  It is just a matter of time management, balancing skills, and determination.

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