The World Championship for F1 Powerboat

The World Championship for F1 Powerboat

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F1 Powerboat 300x187 The World Championship for F1 Powerboat

Formula 1 powerboat racing is more like F1 racing. The boats are featured with special engine and power to have an exciting racing and their speed is more than any normal racing boat.

Formula 1 powerboat racing which took place in 2012 had competitors going through 9 rounds. . In this competition, six rounds were cancelled the championship was won by the Italian Alex Carella. The 2012 team consisted of the 2011 team with new entrant from South Africa by the name Caudwell racing team. The team was crucial in the championship since it introduced the four stroke engines in to this series. This series had earlier on been dominated by two stroke mercury engines. The 2012 event also saw Fabian Kalsow make a comeback in to the series   and had anticipated to take part in the 2012 last series. However this did not take place but instead the series hosted two other new entrants of former champion Jonathan Jones and Malcolm Goodman from Britain taking part in the series.

The Qatar team was dealt a blow by the resignation of Jay Price he was replaced by Alex Carella. Pierre Lundin from China was also replaced with Stanislav Kurtsenovskiy from Russia who had earlier own made two appearances in the jetech tools. The history of the championship is long and can be traced back to the 1980’s where the drivers were divided on the need to establish a premier power boating series.

The engine manufactures OMC and Mercury were on a collision with each team favoring different options. After days of negotiations, Mercury was dissatisfied with the outcome and decided to withdraw its T4 engine which was considered the most powerful engine but instead preferred to pursue the two liter engine format. This format was backed by a contingent of drivers and it eventually became the ‘’ON’’ class. This notwithstanding, the OMC continued to support its equivalent to T4 which was a three liter 400 hp.

This boat which was a two- stroke boat became the backbone of the infamous ‘OZ’ class. This class had been experimented on and the drivers recognized it and wanted the class to remain that way. These classes became part of the formula one until when the OIM intervened and sanctioned the formula one. It introduced new regulations that were to guide the Oz class. John Player who had agreed to a three year sponsorship deal with OZ class supported the idea.  This two liter ON class was given the title Formula Grand Prix.

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