World’s Weirdest Pets

World’s Weirdest Pets

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Adopting a pet needs a lot of your attention and care. Owning a pet is very easy but taking care of it is a different story. Many people considered cats and dogs as regular pets but there are also people who consider weird animals as their own personal pet just for the fun of it or by coincidence they came across these pets in certain events.  Here is a list of the top 10 world’s weirdest pets.


A South African giraffe was found by a family who was near to death. The giraffe’s name is Fenne and ever since she was adopted and taken as a pet, she would roam around the house of the family that took her just like how a dog will do. Whenever her masters would call her name, she would immediately go to them just like how regular pets do.


Werner Freund, a 79 year old German, has been living with wolves for more than 40 years. This man showers his pet wolves with kisses, shares food and plays with them in order to win over their trust. Although living with wolves is a very dangerous thing to do, Mr. Freund has mastered how to control these unpredictable dogs.


A lynx is a wild cat that is very fast and agile. Having it around you is very dangerous but to Sophia, this cat is just another pet. Her parents rescued this wild cat in an animal sanctuary and she has been feeding her pet and playing with it. The lynx will even sleep with her in her bed to protect her at the same time.


On an Eastern Monday, Welsh man David Palmer was able to rescue a lamb who was abandoned in the middle of nowhere. When he brought it home and took it to a farm where there were many of its kind, the lamb did not cooperate and chose not to settle down. Because he was afraid that the owner of the farm might get annoyed, he brought the lamb to his home and made it as his own pet. Today, this lamb has its own bungalow and sometimes goes inside David’s house to socialize with him.


A young girl named Nicole Doepper from western Germany owns a Llima as a pet and is infatuated by how affectionate it is to her. She tried her best to let Socke the Llama out in the wild but unfortunately, it could not adapt to the changes immediately. Fearing that Socke might not last long in the open, Nicole makes it a point to let the llama in and out of their house and do whatever it wants and what makes it feel comfortable.


Jessica the Hippo got separated from her hippo family in a flash food in South Africa when she was a 35lb calf. Tonie Joubert was able to rescue the baby hippo and shelter it in her home. From then on, this Hippo was allowed to move around the house and in her bed until Jessica got too big and heavy. Jessica today weighs almost a ton and she is enjoying her stay at Tonie’s place in South Africa.

Mountain Lion

Almost every person is scared of making a mountain lion as a pet, except for Anna Studer from Indiana Tell City. Anna Studer acquired Shahzarah at her cub stage and since then, she has been taking care of this lioness and gave her the freedom to roam around her house. The lion has developed a special bond with Anna Studer and acts like a regular house cat that goes near her whenever she calls her name and accepts her belly rubs and neck rubs.

CapyBara Rodent

A CapyBara is the largest rodent in the world. In Texas, Melanie Typaldos and her husband Richard Typaldos, this rodent is their choice of pet. The rodent’s name is Gary and is very affectionate to the family. It acts like a dog who loves it when the Typaldos family will scratch its body and when they will take Gary out on a stroll in their car. Gary is very friendly and affectionate to them and even if they have guests, this rodent would not show any signs of aggression and will greet the guest without hiding under the bed.


Many countries are fond of owning hedgehogs as a pet since it has a very low maintenance. Hedgehogs do not bite humans and they are gentle. But if you want to play or spend time with them, it is best that you spend time with them during nighttime since they sleep all day and come out awake all night.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are becoming more popular in America. Many people want these animals as pets because they are very entertaining and at the same time, they do not harm humans. It has claws or teeth that could potentially harm children. Just make sure your child will not harm them by squeezing them so tightly so that they will not get scratched by these wonderful animals. The problem of pet owners when it comes to caring and bonding with this pet is that, they are nocturnal pets that prefer to move around during the night and not at day time.

Owning domesticated animals as pets can be a burden sometime and the need your love and affection, how much more if you own weird pets that most if these pets are wild animals. It takes much greater responsibility to be able to take care of one.

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