Yamaha Vs Kawasaki

Yamaha Vs Kawasaki

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Yamaha and Kawasaki

A few years ago, all manufacturers in Japan presented a good deal sport bike of same kind – a make which that a notch below their best production. During this presentation, they hoped that the new models, which were capable of providing 80% performance at only 70% of the actual price, could manage to attract those who were conscious of the costs or the first timers who could not afford to secure a full-on sport bike. However, due to economic crisis, the models did not last long citing elevated costs of production, the need to consolidate a model line, and low volume. This made the market to bid farewell to Kawasaki ZZR-600, Honda CBR600F4i, Yamaha YZF-R6S, and Suzuki SV650S models.

Despite the changes in the market due to the shaken economy, demand for low cost, beginner- friendly middleweights sport bikes such as Yamaha’s FZ6R and Kawasaki’s Ninja 650, remained constant.  In our daily riding adventures, the rivalry has remained Kawasaki Vs Yamaha. This competition has been triggered by that fact that the two quasi-sport bikes have been singled out as the most advantageous in a number of ways as compared to other types. One point that makes them popular is their price that makes it easy for anyone to purchase and own them. Regardless of the middleweight 100 hp going at $11,000 being unsuitable and possibly beyond your reach, most people are out for the same in order to capitalize on the cost/performance ratio.

Recent Invention by Yamaha

It is believed that the Yamaha FZ6R was developed in 2009 to replace its predecessor FZ6, the half-faired. The Yamaha tube-like frame made from steel encloses a 599cc 4-cylinder engine that was originally used by the earlier models of YZF-R6. Attributing to the failure of some of the characteristics of the R6 being unable to fit on the rather serviceable FZ6R, the engineers made alterations on the top to ensure that the midrange had been backfilled using milder cam, small-sized throttle bodies and retuning the intake and plumbing of the exhaust. In all these, the main objective was to ensure that the power was flexible and predicable.


In a Kawasaki Vs Yamaha comparison, it is believed that the two motorcycle models are the best sporbikes regardless of their tamed ergonomics. They have been specially designed for use in all terrain, and you will enjoy riding them when going for work throughout the week. You will also enjoy riding them on weekends especially due to their price and fuel consumption.

If you are a motorcycle racer, you can choose any of racing bikes produced by Kawasaki and Yamaha because both of them are good in performance and speed.

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