The Best New York Shopping Malls

The Best New York Shopping Malls

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Century 21The Leading Discount Store The Best New York Shopping Malls

When it comes to shopping, New York is the best place to check! This is said to be the shopping capital of the United States of America, therefore you can expect this place to have everything when it comes to discounts and bargains. Also, some of the famous stars would love to shop in New York City because of its designer’s stores and hundreds of small boutiques which I’m sure you can’t get enough! So to avoid getting lost in this fashion capital city, let’s take a look some of the ultimate shopping malls around the city.

Barneys: The Place for Fancy Fragrances There are various shopping malls there from which you can choose the ultimate and those that offer a wide variety of products and services. For quite some time, Barneys, one of the greatest shopping centres, has been hosting the chic and magnificent personalities in the world. If you are looking for a magnificent suit, some fancy fragrances or a pair of Manolo’s, Barneys is obviously the place to visit. This is due to the fact that most of the world renowned designers dwell at this 230,000 square feet premise. Bergdorf Goodman: One of the Best New York Shopping Malls When you are in an expedition around this area, another place you will definitely never want to miss is the Bergdorf Goodman shopping mall. It is situated on the 5th Avenue, south of the Central Park. It has a luxury department store featuring all the local, independent and new designers. Theory, Diane and Michael are some of the most highly rated designers you can ever meet on the 5th floor.Century 21:The Leading Discount Store Century 21 stands out as the leading discount store in the wide area of this city. It was established 4 decades ago and is currently a worldwide icon popularly revered for its highly rated designer fashions sold at relatively low prices. Most international shoppers and the Americans have shown great recognition of this great New York shopping mall. FAO Schwarz: Another Top Class Shopping Mall in New York 

FAO Schwarz, founded by a German descendant more than 145 years ago has in the recent past grown into one of the biggest stores located there. This is said to be one of the oldest toy store which offers high end or high quality toys, animals, and dolls in a life size form! Prepare to get blown Away! This location, being the fashion capital comes with hundreds of shops that almost all women can’t resist. The products displayed on each of these shopping mall is just so irresistible that if you have cash on your pocket, you will surely spend it away. It will never disappoint you if you’re looking for something valuable and at the same time comes with a great quality, as they said; this city is the fashion capital so expect to find anything you want as long as you have the needed budget for it! Enjoy and don’t get lost in New York City when shopping.

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